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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jeeva as per other systems

Hari OM

The next system that comes into picture is the Jain system. In short, as per the jain system, the jeeva changes or progresses in seven levels to attain moksha. The jeeva changes as per changes in the body as the jeeva is subtle or atomic in nature and in the body. Thereby jeeva has length and other qualities too.....

Let’s now try to analyze this jain system and as to why it is not logical and thereby wrong.

This theory is also not correct because the Self cannot be changing and it isn’t atomic as the jains say. Moreover the theory that Self has qualities is against scriptures – thereby the jain theory of jeeva is completely wrong only.

We will see what other systems speak about the Self – whoever is really interested can reply back to the forum answering out why that particular concept of jeeva is wrong.


Shoonyavaada – Self is void and non-existent entity
kshanika Vijnaanavaada – Self is changing Consciousness or temporary or momentary (Kshanika) Consciousness (Vijnaana)

Nyaaya & Vaisheshika

Self is a jada vasthu which is the kartha and bhoktha --- it is limited and anu or subtle. It has the quality of Consciousness or CHIT. Jeeva is always different from Ishwara

Sankhya & Yoga

Self is conscious, it is the Bhoktha or enjoyer but not the kartha. Self in these two systems is multiple or many and called Purushas. Prakrithi is the Kartha whereas Purusha is the bhoktha


Self is Conscious but it has ignorance also along with bliss (as in deep sleep state) – this is what Prabhakara school of mimamsa say about jeeva (here the Self is kartha and bhoktha – doer and enjoyer).

Self is Conscious and doesn’t have ignorance – it is kartha and bhoktha – say the Bhatta school of mimamsa.

Hari OM


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